1 Corinthians 11:1


Purpose Groups are our disciple-making process at Meadows. Disciple making is intentional relationships with Christ at the center. It is a year-long, weekly gathering with 4 people who are reading the Word daily and holding each other accountable.


When do Purpose Groups meet?

Each week for 75-90 minutes.

What do they study?

Purpose groups use the Bible as the curriculum. You will read the entire New Testament along with Proverbs and Psalms in a year.

What are the requirements?

Purpose groups are a year-long commitment that start each September. You are required to read your assigned Bible chapters daily, journal in your Purpose Group journal, attend weekly meetings, share insights with the group, be vulnerable with things going on in your life, and commit to action items you set each week. At the end of the year, the goal is to have the three people in the group who aren’t leading, commit to leading a Purpose Group and discipling three new people the following year.

What’s the difference between Purpose Groups and Life Groups?

  • Life groups are inclusive, people are always welcome to join and there is no stop/start date.
  • Purpose groups are exclusive. Only four in a group (leader and three others) and there is a stop date. These groups last one year.
  • Purpose Groups are gender-specific
  • Most life groups are an hour. Purpose groups are approx. 90 minutes long.
  • The biggest difference is the level of commitment. Purpose Group attendance and participation is mandatory.
  • Purpose Groups are reading the word daily, journaling daily, being held accountable for action items, being vulnerable with each other, and actively sharing their faith.
  • After the group is complete, the three will commit to leading a Purpose Group the following year with three people that they choose. (Very intentional multiplication).


Want to learn more about Purpose Groups? Send us an email at hello@meadows.church and we’ll contact you before our next Purpose Group Night!

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