This is our children’s ministry, where we teach your kids about Jesus in a fun and age-appropriate way.




The youngest members of the Meadows family experience the love of Jesus in our Nursery and Toddler environments. They receive personal and nurturing care combined with play and worship songs.

Your children will be lovingly cared for by our volunteers who are happy to show them the love of Jesus early on in their lives. We want to provide you the best opportunity to enjoy and focus on Meadows’ adult worship services.




Pre-schoolers love to learn and soak up the environment around them. This is why our Pre-school environment offers interactive learning experiences in an exciting and hands-on way.

From dancing and singing to interactive crafts, games, and even a snack time, your child will be taught God’s Word in ways that are easily grasped and understood.

3RD - 5TH



During these elementary years, kids want to have fun and find a place to belong. In our 3rd-5th Grade environment, your kids will be able to connect and do activities with other kids while building relationships with them as well as adults who are invested in their future and faith.

They’ll experience a lesson that helps them know what it means to live for Jesus in a real-life way; they’ll also learn worship songs that can follow them throughout the week.

K - 2



Contagious energy is exactly what you’ll find walking into our Kindergarten – 5th Grade environments. We’ve combined whole group games, a Biblically-based lesson that grabs your child’s attention, catchy worship songs, and small group interaction with others.

Your child’s foundation in Jesus will grow as they’re given tools to live a life for Him.

The King's Table


The King’s Table: A ministry for kids with special needs.
The King’s Table comes from 2 Samuel when Mephibosheth was invited to dine at the King’s Table even though he was lame in both his feet. Signifying that everyone – no matter their ability – is invited to the King’s Table!
This service is for kids aged preschool through 5th grade and is currently offered at our 9 a.m. service. With different sensory options and a small ratio, we are there to help meet your child’s needs. When possible, we try to include your child in our regular classrooms for activities. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to Leann Volz who runs this ministry at

Your First Visit

We can’t wait to meet your family! At your first check-in, we will collect names, ages, allergies, phone number, etc. Then, your child may attend immediately. You need not attend the same service time every week, although attending the same service time does aid in the child building relationships with our teams.

Meadows Kids services are offered every time an adult service is offered.

A person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age nine.

A person’s response to the meaning and personal value of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection is usually determined before a person reaches eighteen. In fact, a majority of Americans make a lasting determination about the personal significance of Christ’s death and resurrection by age 12.

In most cases people’s spiritual beliefs are irrevocably formed when they are pre-teens. “In essence,” the researcher noted, “what you believe by the time you are 13 is what you will die believing”.

Our children are the future of our church and our world. We will pour into these future leaders with the best available resources and teaching. We will love these Kids with the love of Christ, and their environments will be safe, fun, and life-changing!

Things To Know

We think about safety all the time. From the team to the environments, we take this seriously.

Our People

All Meadows Kids team members have completed an application, nation-wide background check, a personal interview, and reference calls.

Our Environments

We know that the smaller the ratio of children to adults, the better the learning experience and the safer the environment.

Secure Check Out

When you check in each week, you will receive two copies of the child’s name tag. Each tag contains a family number and a safe number. The safe number is used for verification at check-out time, and the number is unique to each set of tags printed.

What if my child needs me?

Should your child need your attention during service, the safe number will be placed onthe screen in the adult worship service to alert you to come to your child’s room.


Our children are the future of our church and our world. We will pour into these future leaders with the best available resources and teaching. We will love these Kids with the love of Christ, and their environments will be safe, fun, and life-changing

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